The LHA Fall Country Pace

The Lewisboro Horsemen’s Associated Annual Fall Country Pace returns to Ward Pound Ridge Reservation Sunday, September 26, 2021. The Pace is open to riders of all ages and abilities.

2019 LHA Fall Country Pace in the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation


Online LHA Fall Country Pace Entry Form

    1. Fill in participant details

    Each participant should register individually.

    Team Member Name #2:
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    Parent / Guardian Name:
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    2. Upload negative Coggins

    Upload a current veterinarian's certificate proving a negative Coggins for each participating horse.


    3. Agree to Release Agreement

    You must agree to the following terms and conditions to participate.

    * I understand that horseback riding and riding along trails and other outdoor areas including riding over fences, walls, jumps and other outdoor obstacles and steep and rough terrain is a high risk activity and am participating at my own risk.

    * I hereby assume this risk and further do hereby release and hold harmless the Lewisboro Horsemen's Association's officers, the organizer and committee, officials, their officers, agents, employees, hosts and volunteers, the County of Westchester, Pound Ridge Reservation and the organizers of the Association Bridle Trails Pace Series from all liability for negligence resulting in death, accidents, damage, injury, illness, including COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, to myself and to my property, including the horse(s) which I ride.

    * I agree to observe and obey the Lewisboro Horsemen's Association Rules of Conduct and all posted rules and warnings.

    4. Use your mouse or finger to sign here

    A parent or guardian must sign release for riders under age 18.

    By drawing/clicking/tapping/touching/selecting or otherwise interacting with the Signature Panel button above, you are consenting to signing the Release Agreement electronically. You agree your electronic signature ("E-Signature") is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Release Agreement.